• OCTIMET Oncology NV secures over EUR 11 million to develop its highly selective MET kinase inhibitors

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  • Translational Accelerator

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  • MET protein (green) in untreated H1993 lung cancer cells. Counterstained for DNA (blue).
  • Phospho MET protein (red) in untreated H1993 lung cancer cells. Counterstained for DNA (blue).
  • MET protein (green) in OMO treated H1993 lung cancer cells. Counterstained for DNA (blue).
  • Phospho MET protein (red) in OMO treated H1993 lung cancer cells. Counterstained for DNA (blue).

Images courtesy of Letizia Lanzetti - Membrane Trafficking Laboratory - Candiolo Cancer Institute- FPO, IRCCS - Torino (Italy)


Our team

  • Tim Perera, PHD, CEO

    Tim has more than 25 years global pharma experience in drug development. Before setting up Octimet he was Global Discovery Leader Lung Disease Area at J&J. He has led 4 discovery projects that reached clinical stage.
  • Ann Meulemans, PhD, CDO

    Ann has more than 25 years experience in product development and strategy. She brought more than 5 drugs in different indications from lead identification to POC in man.
  • Glen Clack, MD, FFPM, CMO

    Glen has 20 years experience in oncology drug development and translational medicine. Before joining Octimet has held the position of senior medical director at AstraZeneca.; He holds various honorary academic positions and is a member of the oncology innovative medicines group. He was involved in the clinical development of anastrozole, cediranib, vandetanib, saracatinib.
  • Thomas Stöhr, PhD, COO

    Thomas has more than 20 years experience in drug development, both in Biotechs and big Pharma. He has designed and executed various translational strategies leading to clinical POC’s. In addition he was involved in 3 successful regulatory NDA and MAA submissions.
  • Paolo Comoglio, MD, PhD, Scientific Advisor

    Paolo has more than 25 years experience with MET biology resulting in more than 300 publications. He is the Scientific Director of the Candiolo Cancer Institute – IRCCS in Turin, Italy. Prof Comoglio was one of the founding scientists of the MET biology field.
  • Philip Owen, FCA, CFO

    Philip is an executive finance leader in both big and small companies with over 25 years experience. He is a qualified chartered accountant, tax adviser and corporate treasurer.
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  • V-Bio Ventures is an independent venture capital firm specialized in building and financing young, innovative life science companies (www.v-bio.ventures).
  • FUND+ is an open-ended Fund for long term equity investment in innovative Life Sciences companies with a focus on Belgium (www.fundplus.be).
  • DROIA is a venture capital investor focusing exclusively on oncology therapeutics (www.droia.be).
  • Omnes Capital is a major player in private equity and infrastructure with €3 billion in assets under management (www.omnescapital.com).
  • VIB is a life sciences research institute, based in Flanders, Belgium. We perform basic research with a strong focus on translating scientific results into pharmaceutical, agricultural and industrial applications (http://www.vib.be).
  • Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship supports all types of innovators in Flanders (http://www.vlaio.be).
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OCTIMET is interested in discussing potential in- and out-licensing opportunities in translational oncology.

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